Xpert Automation was founded in 2007 based on over 30 years experience in the automation and laboratory robotics domains. To meet the automation requirements of research centres, chemical libraries and other quality control laboratories, we have developed a range of products and services.

Our activity: 3 complementary sectors of expertise

Every day, we make our expertise and our leading edge laboratory robotics know-how available. One of our main objectives is to help laboratories and chemical libraries to automate the distribution processes and powder and solution management processes.

To achieve this, our activity can be summed up as three complementary fields of action. Despite their distinct characteristics, these three activities combined therefore have a joint effect for laboratories and chemical libraries:

  • Consultancy

    As part of its consultancy missions, our team especially provides assistance to chemical library managers to assess and make changes or to transfer product banks. We also support them in all modifications to automates and associated robots.

    Furthermore, our experts are available to support customer project teams, for example in project management assistance missions. We thereby contribute a potential to optimise architecture and layouts in contact with suppliers.

  • “Bespoke” design

    Our laboratory robot expertise makes it possible for use to accurately study your specific needs, in order to modify or create the systems accordingly. We can therefore adapt your process elements so that the robots better meet your expectations.

    Whether you need a special machine, adapted supports or to secure your platforms, our team can make the adjustments you need.

  • Standard robotic platforms

    Owners of a patent for an innovating technique, we have designed and developed a chemical library preparation robotics platform that can distribute powders to the sub-milligram: XpertDose®. This accuracy makes it possible to dose a few tenths of a milligram of powder in order to prepare a solution with it.

    In collaboration with beta-testers who are representative of the sector, we have perfected our XpertDose® robotics platform to directly produce master solutions in minitubes using solid compounds, for product banks and screening. Of course, all 1D and 2D identification, Capping and Labelling functions are built into our robotics platform.

    In addition, the functions are available as part of a specific sample logistics platform: XpertLogistics. It is fully modular and is the ideal add-on to XpertDose®. Bottle labelling and taring as well as solution preparation using products that have already been weighed are just two typical examples of uses in the workflows of a good number of laboratories.

    Finally, we also propose a labelling machine for SBS plates that is highly flexible, user-friendly and effective. Compatible with many types of plate, it can apply bar-code labels to 120 plates in only 30 minutes, while carrying out a check using a built-in scan.

Xpert Automation: a genuine commitment to the laboratory robotics sector

We are one of the founding sponsors of the ELRIGFr non-profit organisation, the European interest group for laboratory robotics By this means, we regularly exchange with other sector professionals in order to design and develop ever more innovating laboratory robotics technology.

We also take part in the Forum Labo in Paris where we exhibit our robotic platforms and present our consultancy and bespoke design services. Don’t hesitate to come and see us there !

Why choose Xpert Automation?

Logo Xpert automation

We mainly market our products and services in France, and our activity is gradually extending to other European countries. Our strengths: a high capacity to adapt, bespoke services and faultless quality of service.

For several years, we have been working with two major recognised laboratories: SERVIER and SANOFI. Other customers have also used our robotics platforms and our services, such as CRO Evotec or the INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) for its MetaGenoPoliS centre (“Projet d’avenir” label). Work with Xpert Automation as these major organisations already do !