We have developed several sophisticated platforms based on our 30 years of experience in the laboratory robotics field. Our highly customisable and flexible systems are used by laboratories to perfect their sample preparation and management.


This robotics platform is used to accurately dose powders down to 1/10th of a milligram and then prepare a solution to the required concentration. A weight check guarantees the precision of the results obtained.

XpertDose® provides high performance powder distribution using patented technology while limiting substance loss and the risks of errors. It is compatible with many tube formats and features the functions required to process samples (Capping/Uncapping. 1D and 2D identification / Inerting / Labelling).

Xpert Dose - Powder Dosing machine


The ideal add-on to XpertDose®, XpertLogistics is a configurable laboratory robotics platform that can be used to coordinate sample logistics processes. Controlled using a user-friendly PC interface, this robot handles the samples between the modules and the available racks.

100% modular, the XpertLogistics platform is available in 3 formats, with an X axis stroke of 400 mm, 700 mm or up to 2000 mm depending on the number of racks to be managed. It can also be fitted with various options, such a scales accurate to 1/10th or 1/100th of a mg, a digital solvent distribution syringe, a capping/uncapping tool, an argon inerting module or a labelling station.

Modular laboratory robotic platform

Plate labelling

Once the powder has been distributed, the solution prepared, or for any other Liquid Handling operations, labelling is an essential step. We therefore offer a labelling machine for SBS plates that can be managed using a PC interface.

Compatible with a wide range of plate types, our labelling platform can process 120 standard plates in 30 minutes and apply labels on one or more sides.Using its 4 stackers, it can be used as storage for your batch process on your robotics platforms in addition to its printing capabilities.

Xpert automation machine

Finally, all our platforms can be used by themselves or integrated together. They can include specific modules depending on your requirements. Using them, your laboratory will save valuable time while controlling the risk of errors and guaranteeing complete operator safety.

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