XpertDose®, automated powder dispensing

Everyday chemical compound management must be accurate, safe and effective. This in particular implies powder dosing and dilution to prepare solutions in varying containers.

To meet the increasing automation needs of chemical libraries, research centres and control laboratories, Xpert Automation has developed a new miniaturised robotic platform to distribute powders and prepare solutions from them: XpertDose®.

XpertDose® : a patented robotic powder dosing platform down to sub-milligram dispense

Our XpertDose® leading edge laboratory robotics platform is patented technology. It can be used to distribute single or multiple powders for use in preparing solutions in solvents.

XpertDose® can be used to weigh and dose all types of dry powder, such as fine powders, granular powders and heterogeneous mixes. Furthermore, the combined use of debridging and ionisation techniques also makes it possible to handle electrostatic, fine, compacted, granular, flaked or heterogeneous substances.

Our robotics platform also guarantees extremely high dry powder dosing accuracy using a patented powder dosing cap. It thus becomes possible to control powder distribution for weights varying from a few tenths of a milligram to several dozen mg, depending on the grading. It should be noted that the final weight is recorded to an accuracy of 1/100th of a mg.

Using the automated powder dispensing provided by this laboratory robot, you free up valuable operator time. Automation makes it possible to significantly reduce the risks of human error. Furthermore, robots make it possible to avoid people having to work in the most difficult environments.

Operator safety can be enhanced by connecting the platform to an aspiration system that makes it possible to de-pressurise the robotic enclosure before opening inter-locked doors. Thus, operators are protected from residual volatile substances when accessing at the end of a batch.

With its CE marking, the platform obviously meets the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive requirements.

XpertDose® : preparing solutions to the required concentration from powders

Xpert automation - Minitube
  • Once the target is reached and the quantity of powder corresponds to requirements, our XpertDose® robotic platform automatically calculates the suitable quantity of solvent. This quantity is adjusted to the required concentration for the final solution.
  • The solvent is then immediately fed by the platform in quantities varying from a few microlitres to several millilitres to obtain the required concentration.
  • Finally, similarly to the powder dispensing, the solution concentration is fully certified using a weight check. Indeed, knowing the solvent density, weighing to the nearest 100th of a milligram makes it possible to know the distributed volume to the nearest 100th of a microlitre.

XpertDose® : great flexibility to meet the needs of chemical libraries

  • XpertDose® is a fully modular distribution automation system. Indeed, our system adapts to most bottles used by chemical libraries, both in terms of threading and content.
  • Furthermore, the miniaturisation of this technology makes it possible to distribute and prepare solutions directly into minitubes. Subject to it being fitted with all the components required for the associated logistics operations, our XpertDose® robotic platform is compatible with many tube formats.
  • Materially, it has many features, such as 1D and 2D bar code reading, taring, the opening or closure of tubes with screw caps or a septum. It also makes it possible to inert the tube using argon before capping it. Note that a labelling module is also available to dynamically mark preparations.
Robot Xpert Automation

XpertDose® : direct solution preparation for enhanced results

Xpert Dose Powder Dosing


Direct solution preparation makes allows accurately preparing (beaucoup de make it possible!!) samples in various containers, while avoiding all risks of spillage or loss during transfers. This is financially advantageous as the laboratory suffers no losses when handling precious substances. The risk of accidents is also reduced, thereby increasing operator safety.


Preparing solutions directly in the final bottles or tubes is a real time saver, as several handling operations are removed, and a money saver due to the elimination of intermediate consumables.


XpertDose® is therefore the ideal tool for the direct, one-step preparation of the 10 m Molar master solutions on which chemical library collections are based for pharmaceutical research screening.

The XpertDose® platform advantages

The automation of the sample preparation process using XpertDose® has many advantages in the chemical and biological sectors:

  • Time saving through faster, more effective sample preparation and less human interventions.
  • A reduced risk of errors when weighing and diluting, limiting non-compliant results.
  • High flexibility through the dosing and dilution of multiple powders directly into containers of varying sizes and formats.
  • No losses of substances during the powder and liquid transfers.
Automated powder dosing machine
  • Limited operator exposure to the different substances, leading to safer work conditions.
  • Easy and user-friendly use thanks to a PC interface compatible with many input and output files.
  • An integration of all the XpertLogistics functions for the fully stand-alone processing of a batch of samples.

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