Plate Labeler

Everyday, laboratories handle high numbers of samples. For liquid samples, it is essential to correctly label each plate. Manually, this tedious (or boring) task is often a source of errors, making automation a very interesting option.

We have therefore developed a labeler for SBS format plates. This basically stand-alone device will perfectly complete the work of your XpertDose / XpertLogistics robotic platform.

A special labeling machine for SBS format plates

The Xpert Automation plate labeling machine is a new platform that prints and applies labels. It is specially designed to automatically print and apply labels on SBS (Society for Biomolecular Screening) microplates.

In fact, SBS plates have become a standard format used by research and analysis laboratories alike. Having a labeling machine adapted to this system is therefore unavoidable.

Thus, whatever the SBS plate type – in particular its material and size, as well as the number, shape and depth of the wells it contains – our plate labeling machine can effectively, accurately and quickly apply labels to it.

The printed label can be modulated by including a 1D or 2D code and text data.

The Xpert Automation plate labeller : flexibility for laboratories

Plate labelling system
  • Using its 4 built-in stackers, each Xpert Automation plate labeling machine can house and process an average of 120 plates of a mean thickness of 15 mm, stocked one on top of the other.

  • Obviously, to give you more flexibility, the plate labeling machine can also be configured to label other SBS formats. It thus has the capacity to manage a wide range of plates, from acoustic plates to full minitube racks.

  • Finally, even if our plate labeling machine is basically stand-alone, it can also be built into your robotics platform. The labeling machine can then be used as a pre or post processing printing module and as buffer storage for another robot’s batch process.

An easy to use and fast plate labeler

  • The Xpert Automation plate labeling machine can be used to carry out a labeling batch for 120 plates in about half an hour. This eliminates the risk of errors in sample labeling. And while the machine is running, operators are released to work on other more interesting tasks.

  • Then, similarly to all XpertLogistics robotic platforms, our labeling machine is very easy to manage using a PC operator interface. It is user-friendly and complete and can be used to configure all required operations. Furthermore, bar codes to be printed can be defined using a basic text or Excel file as well as the print format used for the supplied data.

  • The machine is delivered and configured for all the plate formats you routinely use. However, if new formats appear, a teach-in utility can be used to add it to the existing library.

Xpert Automation robotic system

Bespoke and strong labeling to meet your needs

The standard label format used by our plate labeling machine is 6.35 mm high and 50 mm wide. The labels are made from polymer that is especially strong and adapted to laboratory use. The combination of the polymer and the adhesive provides quality and long lasting marking using thermal transfer. As a result, your labels will withstand most liquids (organic solvents, water-based solutions, alcohols) and withstand freezing up to -80°C. Thawing will not have any effect on your labels.

The Xpert Automation labeling machine also lets you decide which side of the plate to apply the label to. Multi-side application is also a standard feature of the machine. You can therefore choose the labeling most suited to your needs.

Once they have been applied, all the labels are scanned by a built-in bar-code reader to check their compliance and provide traceability in a file. Your sample monitoring is thus optimised.

An essential labeling machine for your laboratory

The benefits your laboratory can have from using the Xpert Automation late labeller are multiple:

  • A system to print and apply labels to SBS format plates, which is currently the most commonly used standard.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of plates, from acoustic plates to full minitube racks.
  • Application on one or more sides of the plate for more flexibility.
  • Built-in code checking to prevent labeling errors and guarantee traceability.

Plate labelling system
  • Genuine time saving with an average autonomy of 30 minutes for 120 plates.
  • Ease of use using a flexible and user-friendly PC interface.
  • A system that can be used by itself or be integrated into your robotic platform.

Our plate labeling machine has genuine added value for laboratories that use microplates, leaving the laboratory staff to work on more valuable tasks.

If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us