XpertLogistics, balance automation, tube labeling, solubilisation

Currently chemists, biologists and other laboratory experts handle infinitesimal quantities of compounds on a daily basis. Dosing and solution preparation using such small quantities require faultless care and accuracy. These precautions apply both to solution preparation and their logistics management.

In order to ease the logistics aspects of sample management, Xpert Automation developed XpertLogistics. This new configurable laboratory robotic platform makes it possible to automate all your logistics operations when preparing and analysing samples.

XpertLogistics : the perfect addition to the XpertDose® robotic platform

Thanks to its automatic sub-milligram dosage, the XpertDose® robotic platform is a true technological advance that meets the needs of chemical libraries. Paired with this, the logistics must also be faultless. Using XpertLogistics, the solution that is fully integrated with XpertDose®, you can manage the logistics processes for all your samples both effectively and ergonomically to save valuable time and reduce the risks of errors.

In fact, XpertLogistics is used to coordinate logistics processes using functions such as the taring of empty bottles and tubes, net product dosage, the correct addition of solvent, or automatic labelling.

XpertLogistics : a laboratory robotic platform adapted to your specific requirements

XpertLogistics is a modular platform concept adaptable to the needs of all laboratories for distribution, solution preparation and sample logistics management. To provide this, XpertLogistics has 3 different formats:

Xpertlogistics Modular laboratory robotic system

A 900 mm wide S platform

For single racks (XpertLogistics single Rack).

A 1200 mm wide M platform

For dual racks (XpertDose® or XpertLogistics dual racks).

An L/XL platform up to 2500 mm

For bespoke applications.

Materially, the XpertLogistics platform is composed of a Cartesian robot in a perfectly secure enclosure, as well as additional modules selected according to your specific needs. It can automatically move your samples between the racks and these different modules.

XpertLogistics : a variety of modules for a configurable robotic platform

The modules that can be added to XpertLogistics are compatible with multiple tube formats. Therefore they make it possible to carry out many sample handling operations.

The automate’s functions also include a set of basic components that are essential to single or combined logistics processes. Amongst these options we especially propose:

1D and 2D code readers
A system to open and close screw cap or septum tubes
Balances accurate to 1/10th mg or 1/100th mg
A system allowing a connection to an external aspiration system
An argon inerting function
A digital syringe for accurate solvent distribution
A Capping Weighing Dissolution module (CWD) that combines all the above functions
A built-in labelling module used for dynamic tube marking
Xpertlogistics system

XpertLogistics : simple and ergonomic use

XpertLogistics is an ergonomic robotic platform, perfectly suited to daily logistics operations in laboratories. For easy use, the robotic platform is combined with a PC interface. Thus, all processes can be controlled using a basic Excel file. Our platform is also compatible with many input and output file formats, thereby offering a wide scope of flexibility to adapt.

Its simple and user-friendly interface can be used to carry out all your logistics operations with ease, such as labelling batches, taring, dual weighing and solution preparation, both individually or combined.

The strengths of our modular XpertLogistics platform

The XpertLogistics robotic platform has many advantages for laboratory sample logistics management

  • A wide range of machine customisations are available, both covering the platform size and the many additional modules available
  • Perfect complementarity with the other Xpert Automation systems (XpertDose® and the Plate Labelling Machine).
  • Compatibility with many types of solvent, containers and racks.
Robotic system
  • Simpler, more effective and safer handling of your samples.
  • Easy and user friendly use thanks to a PC interface compatible with many input and output files.
  • Full operator protection using a system of interlocking doors synchronised with a de-pressurisation system before opening.

Finally, the fields of application for our configurable laboratory robotics platform are multiple. It can be used in the chemical, biological, petrochemical sectors, in medical research, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or biotechnology. Its functions can also be used in the environmental, energy, farming and agri-food sectors.

XpertLogistics is therefore the essential laboratory robotics platform to manage your sample logistics!

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